STD format


typedef struct {
	uint16_t end_offset; // Two bytes before EOF, which always are 0.
	uint8_t nb_segments;
	uint8_t segments[nb_segments];
	uint8_t nb_speeds;
	uint8_t speeds[nb_speeds];
} header_t;

STD main?

Seems to control the camera.

typedef struct {
} _t;

ECL main

Describes only the standard enemies, without the boss or msg.

typedef struct {
	uint16_t frame; // Two following enemies can’t pop at the same.
	uint8_t nb_enemies;
	enemy_t enemies[nb_enemies];
} ecl_main_t;

typedef struct {
	uint8_t sub;
	uint16_t x; // Fixed point? 0x3e70 seems to be the random value.
	uint8_t unknown1;
	uint16_t y;
	uint16_t unknown2;
} enemy_t;