Lotus Land Story file formats documentation


A 8 sectors useless header, then a normal msdos partition table with x86 boot sector. The FAT partition can be found at sector 68.
# losetup -o $[76*512] /dev/loop0 TH04\ -\ Lotus\ Land\ Story.hdi to be able to mount the partition.
Mount with # mount -o codepage=932,iocharset=utf8 to get the correct filename encoding.


BFNT	An uncompressed 16colors image format
MPTN	A tileset format
STD	The segments of map, ???, camera and enemies
PI	A compressed 16colors image format. A C++ implementation, thanks to mauve


 DEMO?.REC	replays
 EYE.RGB	the colors used everywhere?
 KAO[0-3].CD2	faces sprites?
 (MARI|MIKO).BFT player sprites
 MIKO16.BFT	bullets and items sprites
 MIKO32.BFT	enemy death sprites
 MIKOD.BFT	player death sprites
 MIKO.EFC	compiled sound effects
 MIKO.EFS	text format, with “Sound effects file” in comment. Perhaps disassembled from the previous.
 ST00.BB	unused?
 ST00.BB[12]	boss sprites
 ST00BK.CDG	Spellcard background
 ST00.BFT	fairies and blue fire sprites
 ST00.BMT	mid-boss sprites
 ST00.M[28]6	music
 ST00.MAP	background layout
 ST00.MPN	background tiles
 ST00.STD	enemies and camera

 *.PI	Stuff like endings or main screen

MIKO.CFG	options