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Libre reimplementation of the Touhou 6 engine in Python

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Note that the Debian/Ubuntu package won’t work before Debian Jessie (8.0) or Ubuntu Trusty (14.04), due to missing dependencies.
Furthermore, you are more than welcome to make a package for your OS of choice, if you do so please contact us. ☺

Build from the source
(if you don’t use our packages)

You will need:

Then retrieve the sources with hg clone, compile it with python3 build and install it with python3 install. If you prefer to run it from the sources directory, use python3 build_ext --inplace instead, and then run it with PYTHONPATH=. scripts/pytouhou.

How to get the game

For now you will need either the demo or the commercial version of Touhou 6 ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.
The demo is available on the official download page or directly by clicking on this link, then unarchive it with something like libarchive’s bsdtar, and convert the filenames from CP932 using something like convmv.
Sorry about that, but those files aren’t redistributable in a friendlier format.

How to play

pytouhou --help should tell you everything you need about the options. If something is not clear, please tell us. For the gameplay, everything you need can be found on

Known issues


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